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Shree Krishn is the Supreme Form of God; the SuperSoul. Shree Krishn is God’s perfect manifestation.
God is both male and female.
This Supreme God divided himself as Shakti and Shaktiman. Thus the Supreme Soul embodied Himself as Purush (male energy) and Prakriti (female energy).

These absolute two Swarups are ShreeKrishn and ShreeRadha. This Supreme God has various powers.
The spiritual Form of ShreeKrishn is the unmanifested source of all creation. This is the Form which a yogi in his samadhi state desires to experience and merge into. He asks for liberation.
The other Form is the Bliss Form, the Divine Form, which the gopis experience. This Form is not available to even the highest of yogis in the highest samadhi state; without the required purity of bhao and samarpan (surrender). Gopi bhao asks only for devotion.
This bliss power is called the ahaldini power - the absolute divine love power.

The highest of this bhao is called Mahabhao. Mahabhao is full of the pleasure potency, and an exhibition of the highest love for Shree Krishn. Shree Radharani is the perfection of the transcendental consciousness found in Mahabhao. Her mind, senses and body are totally in highest sort of love for her Krishn.
As Shree Krishn enchants the world with His beauty and charm, Shree Radha enchants Him. Therefore She is the Supreme Goddess.

Shree Radha is the full power, and Shree Krishn is the possessor of full power.
Without Radha there is no meaning to Krishn and without Krishn there is no meaning to Radha.

Her relation with Krishn is of two types: svakiya-rasa (married relationship) and parakiya-rasa (a relationship signified with eternal love)

“Radha embodies half the divine effulgence of Shree Krishn. They are both one body divided into two beings - such is the irrefutable decree of the Veda.”

“In Their looks, in Their radiance, in Their attributes, in Their prowess, in Their wisdom, in Their intelligence and in Their riches, They are so identical to each other that it is difficult to tell Radha from Krishn or Krishn from Radha and that She precedes Krishn and is the older of the two.”

She is also the compassionate nature of the Lord, and thus more easily approached than trying to reach Shree Krishn directly.
ShreeKrishn’s Form is unlimited joy and bliss. He is the Supreme Guru.

Shree KrishnRadha leela impart perfect bliss right here on this prithivi lok; this type of unlimited divine bliss is not experience in either Vaikunthlok or Brahmlok or Shivlok.

Only when a pure and true devotee of KrishnRadha receives Their Grace, can they enter into Golok to enjoy the bliss of raas.
Krishn adores Radha and it is Radha’s Grace that reveals the Bliss of Divine Vrindavan and the Maharaas to the truly pure devotees. This is described in the Bhagvad Puran, in the 10th Chapter, which is also called the soul of Shrimad Bhagvatam.

Radha is as spiritual as Thakurjee Himself. Radha and Krishn are identical. He takes no pleasure in anything material. Shree Krishn could never enjoy anything that is less spiritual than Himself.
Radha, a part of the Supreme Soul, is the ‘principle of ecstasy’. She is His Atma.
She was separated from ShreeKrishn for 100 years (during His Dwarika stay) due to Sridama’s curse. During the hundred years that They were separated, ShreeKrishnRadha met in Their dreams again and again.

In the Devi Bhagvat it has been described how all other Forms of Gods and Goddess have Their origin in KrishnRadha. Just as Shree Krishn is the source of all other expansions and incarnations of God, Radharani is the source of all other Female energies of God, the Shaktis, or other goddesses.
Vishnu, Rama, even Shiva are all expansions of the one Supreme Being, and similarly Lakshmi, Sita, and even Durga are all expansions of this Supreme Feminine form of God, Radharani.
The goddesses of fortune or Lakshmis who are Krishn’s queens, and the milkmaids of Vraja called the gopis, all proceed from Radha.

The spiritual and mystical relationship of divine love between Radha and Krishn, is difficult for the human mind to grasp as the Supreme Soul who is infinite in nature, cannot logically, be understood by the reasoning mind. It is only when our dormant love for God is awakened and purified through devotion, faith and belief, and we are able to transcend the mind that we might get a glimpse about the true nature of the Divine.

Spiritual Truths cannot be known through reasoning.

Who are the Gopis?

Krishn in this Aavtar (incarnation) is the beloved of the gopis (milkmaids) of Vrindavan. Radha is their head and the only gopi with whom Thakurjee is attached to. All the gopis in their eternal reality are several divine souls, taken birth to experience the bliss of Krishn in this incarnation. All the other Brajwasis are also the higher souls. Some of them are the mantras from the Ved Shashtra, the olden rishis, the devtaas, all of whom Shree Krishn had promised in various Yugs; of close interaction with Him. They have all taken birth in this yug for the divine connection with ShreeKrishn. In this incarnation Shree Krishn interacts as a normal human; He takes on the total personality of a human, and fills the heart of His bhakt with total joy and bliss.

The whole leela of the gopis is an example in bhao bhakti and surrender to God. There is total innocence and no other demand except closeness to Krishn Himself. This purity of bhao and bhakti is a unique example of Thakurjee’s leela on this earth.
This direct connection is a form of grace and the intervention of a Divine Guru acts as a catalyst to push the devotee in totality at the feet of the Divine, from where they are accepted by KrishRadha - ShreeNathji; who enter the hearts and souls of their devotees, Nothing else is required if the soul jumps into the ocean of love called KrishnRadha - ShreeNathji.

Braj Dham

After the physical Forms of Shree Krishn and Shree Radha left earth, a lot of changes came in the divine bhumi of Braj; but the sacred bhumi called Vrindavan Dham or Braj Dham was relocated and established by later saints who have been considered as messengers of the original Form of Shree Krishn. They came back to start the Divine play again, and establish the continuation of what KrishnRadha had started earlier.

The particular points and leela sthalis were identified by these divine souls when in total samadhi states as they entered the divine realm of the leelas. The total bhumi of Braj is alive with the leelas of KrishnRadha and the Gopis on the divine love level; which are believed to be yet going on in the divine vibrational levels.
One of the most important was the Govardhan leela. This is the sacred spot where ShreeNathji Appeared from and hence is considered to be the most recent Alive Form of Shree KrishnRadha.

As we all are aware, the totality of Krishn’s soul was complete only with Radha. Shree Krishn originally came in the outer physical Form as Radha and Shyam. This totality later came in the Form of ShreeNathji. The total merging of the two souls of Kriahn and Radha are to be found within ShreeNathji. This is the reason today; He is considered the most powerful and alive form of God Krishn on this earth.

Radha and Krishn are totally present within this Diety.

A devotee desirous of closeness with KrishnRadha can do sewa for Shreeji and get faster results.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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