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The Mughal Emperor of India, Akbar had deep respect for Shri Gusainji and issued a number of Shahi Farmans (imperial proclamations) to him as marks of special favor. Courtiers and noblemen including Birbal, Raja Todarmal, Tansen, and Baz Bahadur became devoted to Shri Gusainji. Akbar also commissioned special paintings of ShreeNathji, Shree Navnit Priyaji as well as of Shri Vitthalnathji and his seven sons.

Emperor Akbar often came to visit Shri Gusainji and was allowed to see ShreeNathji’s seva. He gifted ShreeNathji an enormous diamond which still today rests on His chin. A well known story relates how Akbar visited Child Krishna at His home in Gokul, where He had the vision of both Shri Gusainji being rocked in a cradle by ShreeNathji and then Shri Gusainji swaying ShreeNathji.


At that time India was ruled by Akbar & he was a great man. His desire for knowledge was sincere and visited Gokul to meet Shri Gusainji. Gusaiji's first meeting with the emperor Akbar is highlighted to explain the some of the most profound philosophical ideas of the marg and helps explain how masses turned to Pushtimarg to attain the almighty. Seeing & experiencing Gusainji's spiritual knowledge and popularity amongst people, Akbar honored him and gave him the title of "Goswami", which is even well known today.

The Taj-begum (Maharani Herakuvar bai - princess of Amber and chief queen of Akbar) was an ardent disciple of Shri Gusaiji, as was Birbal, Raja Mansingh (brother of the empress), and Ajab kuvarbai (of Mewari royal family).

There is a very famous story regarding Shri Gusainji’s capabilities in simplifying answers:

Once, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal, “How can I find God?”

In search of the perfect answer, Birbal visited many gurus in Vrindavan and relayed to the Emperor what they said, but Akbar was not pleased with anyone’s teaching and rebuked him, “You had better find a good answer to my question; otherwise I will loot your house.”

That evening when Birbal returned home, full of anxiety, his daughter asked, “What is wrong?”

“I cannot pacify this Emperor.”

“Tell me the problem, perhaps I can help.”

“The Emperor demands to know how he can meet God. I have conveyed to him the teachings of many Vrindavan pandits and Swamis, but he is not pleased with their teachings. Now he threatens me. I am overwhelmed. What should I do?”

Birbal’s daughter calmly replied, “Have you been to see Shri Gusainji?”


“You will not get the correct answer until you see him. Only God understands Godly things. Now go to Gokul and stop worrying.”

Birbal reached Gokul in the early afternoon and waited until Shri Gusainji came out of seva. Birbal bowed before the guru and explained, “Emperor Akbar wants to know how he can meet God.”

Shri Gusainji replied, “The answer to that question will be revealed when I meet the Emperor. Only then will his doubts be removed. Tell him I have his answer.”

After Birbal told the Emperor what Shri Gusainji had said, Akbar thought, “I will go there alone.” He set out for Gokul before sunrise on horseback, disguised so that no one would recognize him. He reached Gokul just as Shri Gusainji was going to the Yamuna River to bathe and perform his midday prayers.

When the Emperor bowed to him, Shri Gusainji recognized him and told everyone else step aside. “What do you wish to know?” Shri Gusainji asked.

“How can I find God?”

“Just as you have found me.” Shri Gusainji replied.

“In this world, the Emperor is the most important man. If you want to meet him, you must please many people below him. Even then, if it is not the Emperor’s wish, he will not meet with you. If you make many plans, the royal meeting may occur, but only after surmounting numerous difficulties. If on the other hand, he wishes to meet with you, then you can be before him in a moment, and he will be eager to see you!

In a similar way, the soul who desires to find the Lord thinks and ponders for a long time about how to find Him, but still He remains elusive. When the blessed Lord resolves, “I want to meet this soul,” there is no delay in the reunion.

The Emperor was extremely pleased to hear Shri Gusainji’s words and praised him, “People call you Kanhaiya (Krishn), and you truly are. Now please ask something of me. I am very delighted with you.”

Shri Gusainji responded, “I do not desire anything.”

The Emperor insisted, “Bless me and allow me the opportunity to serve you in some way.” Akbar prostrated himself before Shri Vitthalnathji and later presented the bhakti master with a swift Arabian horse. Shri Gusainji rode that horse along the twenty kilometer path from Gokul, where Shree Navanit Priyaji resided, to ShreeNathji’s temple and his other home in Jatipura.

This page on Shri Gusainji was released on Magshar Vad Navam, Vikram Samvat 2069,
Sunday January 6th, 2013, "Shri Gusaiji-Vitthalnathji Pragatya Utsav"

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