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Shreenathji with Gaumata
Young Shreeji with His gaumata

ShreeNathji Appeared to establish Bhao-Bhakti among the people. This story has been related earlier in this chapter. ShreeNathji on Urja (energy) level is a living Divinity, who plays and interacts in a live manner with His bhakt. He could be out of His temple to be with His friends, to play games with His bhakts, to listen to a bhakt singing, to enjoy a meal with a bhakt. His Presence can fill the world of His bhakt with the sweetness of Divine love and of course the joy of divine maasti, bliss. This exchange of bhao is special only to ShreeNathji.

This direct connection is a form of grace and the intervention of a Divine guru acts as the catalyst to push the devotee in totality at the feet of the Divine, from where they are accepted by KrishnRadha – ShreeNathji; who enter the hearts and souls of their devotees. Nothing else is required if the soul jumps into the ocean of Divine love called KrishnRadha - ShreeNathji.

With the kripa and grace of my gurushree and of course Thakurjee Himself who is My Mahagurushree there have been many precious moments when I have been graced with His Presence; the gunjan (echo) of Shreeji’s Divinely sweet voice, where He talks and plays various leelas. At times this is the voice of a very young infant; at other moments like an older child or at times an adult talking about various happenings.

He can become a very small child and as stubborn. His voice is the sweetest of the sweet, dripping with sugar (as it is He always keeps telling me how much sugar He likes to eat), His anchai (cheating), so blissful it would be the most incredible feeling of joy. He tells me how He loves to play the game of eternal hide and seek. If His wish is not fulfilled immediately He can become the most sulking child in the most innocent manner. But all it takes is a little apology in devotion and He becomes His playful self again. This sulking can be for the smallest of things, and makes one wonder how the Divine Creator plays like a helpless child. His voice is the sweetest ever heard in this world. His most personally funny play is doing ‘tapli’ to random people. About this He tells me when I enter this state beyond our normal world. In the most lovingly innocent play His voice echos telling how He did a Tapli to some person around. At such divine moments I cannot stop myself from laughing, as Shreeji is the funniest child I have ever come across. He always brings a smile in any situation.

All I would say is He is a little child who loves to play and interact in every way possible with the world around.

In one Divine happening He made me very aware how He fulfills prayers of a true devotee. It was my child’s sports day and she was participating in the events. As she was a bit nervous I told her to pray to Shreeji for confidence. Of course I also requested Him for His Blessings. My child did win some gold medals in the events. We had to thank Shreeji. Later that night as I entered deep trance level, heard Shreeji saying, “Dekho aaj main bhi dekhne gaya tha, sports day kiya hota hai. Itne saare bacche hote hain, saab eik jaise dikhte hain. Bahut maza aaya. Kitne saare medal jeete hain. Bahut aachi mehanat karti hai. Jo shram karta hai, use sahi phal jaroor milta hai.” With His typically funny manner He added, “Vahan kitne dhoop thi; dekho main to kaala ho gaya; unko vahan personal AC rakhana chahiye; apna, apna AC lekar bhagna hota hai”.

(I also went to see what sports day is like. There are soooo many children and all look the same. I had a lot of fun. We won so many medals. Who ever works hard should get the right reward. But it was so hot there; see I have become totally black. They should keep personal AC’s for all there; then all should run with their personal AC’s ha, ha, ha).

I woke up laughing from my deep sleep and felt the undescribable joy and bliss run through my whole being; which Shreeji’s Presence always gives. This happening was so vivid, felt as if Shreeji was present and interacting with me.

Next day, when I narrated this to gurushree, found he was already aware. Most of the times I realized he has always been aware of the Divine Presence and interactions.
Shreeji has said many times, He prefers to be a young child; because as people grow up selfishness starts and innocence and simplicity lost. So Shreeji appears only as a naughty child, in His Bal Swarup to play with His devotees. It could also be a teaching to His devotees that unless they also return to innocent love and simple joys He is not attainable.
This is our ShreeNathji; whom we also lovingly refer to as Shreeji Baba. He is my Mahagurushree. It is easy to be captured totally by Him, The Darshans are available to all who seek Him for Himself;the experience is beyond any other earthly joy.

God can be experienced in four ways; according to the rishis and sants, “In your heart, as a divine voice, in your dream, or in the very higher purity state, directly before you”. In the earlier times Thakurjee did appear to His bhakts in the most direct and rare way, which was right before them in His Physical Form. He interacted as any normal human child who loved having fun.
Thakurjee is hungry only for your bhao, your prem (love). He stands there 8 times a day every day to grant you His darshans. We are blind in our greed for the outer desires, so the divine love that flows from Shreeji at every darshan fails to catch our aura and vibrations. The shuddhi that I have learnt from my gurushree helps in this; to be able to experience the Divine at every moment; especially when standing before Him in totality.

Gurushree tells me about the Shram that Shreeji experiences at times. Shreeji tells us about how there are hardly any devotees left who He can interact with today. As He stands in attention to give darshans He fails to experience the pull of love and devotion from the vast crowd of bhakts who come for His darshan. May be at times He feels very sad and then would want to move away from here. Sitting up at the Dhajaji Shreeji at times seems to say inside my mind, “Sab mujhse maangte hi rahete hain, koi khelne to nahi aata”. (All come only to ask and ask; none want to play with me any more).

The bliss that even Shreeji waits for, is for the bhakt who comes with the highest purity; the one who comes for Thakurjee; not for himself; one who stands before Him and asks ShreeNathji, “Shreeji give me hukum (order) if there is anything I can do for you”; one who has the desire to give pleasure to Shreeji and not seek it for himself; one who stands there and does vinti, “Shreeji I am here, willing to take all of Your Shram so that You should not get disturbed; You stay in Your bliss, let me help You in taking away Your shram; please think me to be fit to take on Your headaches”.

The total worship is done as had been established by Shri Gusainji. Shreeji Himself follows all rules as He had been told by Shri Gusainji. The clothing, food preparations, way of seva, manoraths, celebration of festivals etc are followed according to the older times. Nothing can be changed without Shreeji Himself wanting it to. Shreeji’s way of dress follows many styles, Muslim, Brajwasi, Rajasthani, Female; as He has followers from a long time ago in many states and religions.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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