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Brahm Sambandh means total dedication and surrender of self to Shree Krishn-ShreeNathji. It is the connection of the seekers soul to the SuperSoul by the Sadguru. For the connection to be fruit ful, the guru initiating the Brahm sambandh has to be in direct connection to the Divine. Thakurjee accepts the sewa of such devotees. With this new relation with God, the soul becomes completely free from all past karmas, provided it remains faithful to the vow of surrender it has taken.

Gurushree Sudhir bhai says about the true meaning of Brahm sambandh, “There has to be Shravan, Manan, Aachran. Shravan is the listening of the Mantra in the ear through the guru which is easy. Manan means, the involvement while chanting the mantra. If the required depth is missing than the mantra is not effective in establishing the right connections. While chanting, if the devotees mind is involved only in the counting or the time factor, the mantra will not work in any way towards closeness with God. Beyond these two important rules is the discipline of Aachran. This would require the devotee to walk the path of mantra. He would be required to maintain the discipline and dedication which the Brahm sambandh imposes on you. The purity level, if not maintained beyond the few mala chanting period, there is no growth possible. Then all the chantings and number of malas go in the dikhava (outer show) level. It then only becomes a show and a time pass, as no connection is ever felt by the devotee with his God; if the purity requirement is not followed. “So the most important factor when taking Brahm sambandh is the requirement of purity levels in the guru as well as the disciple”.

The divine guru initiates and plants love and bhao for Krishn in the core of the disciples being. This is also called the path of grace. As the divine guru establishes intense bhao the awakening begins. As soon as mind, body, soul is totally in surrender to Thakurjee, His divinity enters their Being. The divine soul is awakened totally and aware of his original realities. Darshans and play with the Almighty is there on this earth itself for these lucky divine souls who are an intimate part of the Divine Himself, come on this earth to help in the completion of His worldly leela. Then there is no separation; when the whole being, every cell, every pore is only for Shreeji. He enters our lives at every level and each moment is filled with the Presence of His bliss.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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