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13 June 2008 - Ganga Dassera – Jyesth Sud Dasam; Chitra Nakshatra; Kanya Rashi (till 14.24) then Tula Rashi
14 June 2008 - Nirjala Ekadasi; Bhim Agyaras – Jyesth Sud Agyaras; Swati Nakshatra; Tula Rashi

We were present for darshans on these two days at Nathdwara. They have been miraculous days.
On Ganga Dassera, there is a pond created before Thakurjee. Many herbal ingredients are added in this. Several lotus, fragrant flowers swim in the sacred waters. This is with the bhao that Gangaji who is considered the younger sister of Yamunaji comes to meet Shreeji. Both combine in this water to pay respects to Shreeji. Also the sewaks who cannot go till Haridwar can bathe in the Ganga here today.

The crowd is extreme today; bhakts from all villages around, as well as from far of cities are here today to participate in this sacred ritual.
Luckily, with Shreeji’s kripa, we were allowed to bathe in this pavitra (sacred) waters before the crowds came in. An unusual experience. Doing ‘dubki’ in front of Shreeji with His Blessings flowing in the waters, granting higher purity; is an experience very difficult to describe in words. Many old sewaks are also there bathing in the waters.
I received Prasad of the lotus flowers from one of the sewaks; waited for nearly an hour before the Aarti was done.
From here we went to Navneet Priya’s mandir where a pond was also created, similar to the larger one. Here we cannot enter the waters. The entire Shringar was of lotus today. The atmosphere in Shreeji’s Haveli and in Nathdwara town is of a huge mela.

The next day was a very auspicious day, it being Nirjala Ekadasi.
We did the three morning darshans in the regular way; though because of the extreme crowds it becomes difficult even to walk at a regular pace. It is incredible how so many bhakts are accommodated in the narrow lanes and the mandir parisar.

It was in Rajbhog Darshans that Shreeji did this unique leela. It was the senior mukhiyaji in sewa today. We stood praying and watching him complete the final Shringar for Shreeji.
Shreeji is offered His Bansuri and Chadi’s in this darshan. His three lotus are also placed on His arms, around His waist. Carefully, the mukhiyaji placed the two lotus; as he tried placing the third one, Shreeji refused.

Instantly I heard Shreeji’s sweet, melodious voice in my ears, “Arrey hatao; chubta hai”. (Take it away, it hurts). In that perfect moment saw the mukhiyaji move the third lotus away from Shreeji. It was in perfect timing as I heard Shreeji saying these words in my ears, that the mukhiyaji also followed the same instructions. Shreeji made him realize that He would not accept this lotus today. When Shreeji refuses anything the mukhiaji doing the sewa has to bow and ask for forgiveness; which he did.

Heard Shreeji’s naughty laughter again, “Dekho maine nahin liya, usko bola hatao, ha,  ha,  ha;  main aise  hi karta hun”. (See I did not accept it, told him to remove it. Ha, ha, ha, I like to play in this way). I could not believe my eyes and ears. It was sakshat Darshans. Shreeji was here with us blessing us so closely. Looked around, but no one else seemed to hear or understand. What bliss, Shreeji played this mischief to show us His Presence.

We did the Aarti, bowed and left.
On the way back we realized Shreeji’s Presence with us. “Main tumhare saath chalta hun. Aaj maaza aaya, voh mukhiya ko bevakuf banaya; ha, ha, ha. Mujhe kuch nahi chubta tha. Woh tou tumko khel dikhana chahata tha. Tum hamesha boltee ho na, darshan dene ke liye, tumhe aaj dikha diya. Mukhiya ki koi galti nahin thi, voh to mera khel tha tumhare liye. Maine maasti kari, tumhe anand aaya ke nahin? Chalo yeh mera khel ‘MERI’ website par likh dena. Koi puche to bolna, ‘Shreeji ka hukum’ hai.”

(I will come with you’ll. I had a lot of fun today, I fooled the mukhiya, ha, ha, ha. Nothing was pricking me. I only wanted to show you a Play. You always keep asking for darshans, I showed you my Play today. It was my khel for you today, the mukhiya did not commit any mistake. I did some maasti, did you enjoy in this?
Ok, write about My Play on ‘MY’ website. If anyone asks why, say that it is Shreeji’s hukum (order).)

Shreeji went out of His way to play this leela for granting us His Darshans. Who says that Shreeji is not Present here?
Yeh tumhara Prasad, aaj ke liye, ab tik, tik mat karna, bahut dimaag khati hai, ki darshan karao”; Shreeji said.

(“This is your Prasad for today, hence forth stop all your tik, tik (pestering), you keep eating my brains and his (gurushree), for My Darshans”).

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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