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Shreenathji Basuri
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Purifications in bhakti regarding to Shreeji have to be of the highest
Niyam Shuddhi – purity in discipline
Man shuddhi – purity in thoughts
Tan shuddhi – purity of the physical body
Bhao shuddhi – purity of devotions; intentions

The most important shuddhi as related to Thakurjee would be of your bhao; called Bhao shuddhi (purity of devotions and intentions). Whatever we do or not do gives results on this level – the inner intention level. On the outer you may be able to fool a lot of humans; but your own atma and the divine within and without is not stupid. It is all so subtle, try as hard as you can; the karmic implications and results will come back to you only from your intentional level.

What does Shreeji need and want from you? Your bhao, love, surrender and humility. He waits patiently. A few might understand this; then they find the necessary awareness and strength to pass through the various draw backs that life confronts us with. God waits to help out if only you would let Him do so. But we again and again go to Him asking only for fulfillments on the outer. What would be required, is falling at His feet and handing over our total strings to Him in total faith. From then on whatever happens is accepted as a Prasad from Him and not analyzed if good or bad. “It has to be right for me at this given moment” is the thought.

Shreeji will never give you anything to make you unhappy. He is the ultimate in love, joy, bliss, purity.
He loves you. The problem lies in our not being able to maintain the required faith in the exams life makes us pass through. “Fulfilling your dharm to the best of your ability and leaving the results to Him is the only way to get closer to God; as unless you let Him clean you up in mind, body and soul; how will you enter His vibrations”?

In this cleaning one has to pass through some strong shaking up; for which He will surely send His messenger in the form of a sadguru – the Divine guru; who will search you out and begin the work for his beloved God. Once your vibrations reach a certain purity level you are gently pushed towards the merging with Parmatma (The SuperSoul) The Ultimate Shakti.
As Thakurjee waits with extended hands, the sadguru, the divine guru; holds your hand and joins you to Him who is Divine Love Himself;
He gives you the Prasad of Divine Bliss, Anand, Joy, Peace, Love.
In other words He grants you total bhakti towards Him; with total mukti (clearing) from past karmas.

Today Thakurjee has stopped His play and leela in the outer dimensions.
The original books have many vartas when Shreeji interacted personally with His bhakt’s in several ways. (84 Vaishavas; 252 Vaishnav ki varta). As time passed bhao deteriorated, and with this the moving away of Shreeji from live interactions in the outer world with devotees.
Without the strong magnet of the bhakt’s bhakti, Shreeji moved away from direct play and leela.
God energy, to be able to move out in the outer world also requires as strong devotion and purity of bhao from His devotee. As the purity of the human bhao and bhakti goes below certain levels, Shreeji finds it difficult to interact any more.
His energy would become sushupt (dormant) in the outer world; till the time a powerful soul who is an Ansh (part) of Shreeji Himself; comes in this world. He would then be able to restart the flow of the Shaktis and the Presence of ShreeNathji-Shree Krishn with his strong purity of bhao and the non selfish attitude.
It would have to be a Sadhya, who wakes up ShreeNathji once more, so the play of His leelas could begin again in the outer dimensions.
This high powered soul is normally sent by God Himself to complete His unfinished tasks on this earth.

As the human race progresses to different levels of consciousness, the requirement of the ways of worship undergo changes. To set the right example for us humans to follow He comes in our midst in different forms to establish new ways of prayers and bhakti.

Shreeji is the most Alive form of KrishnRadha today. His appearance, about 540 years back was also to show the play and leelas of Krishn, in the most loving and understanding form – that of a little child.
His appearance along with that of His human counter part Shri Vallabhacharya showed us the way of bhao in bhakti, divine love in devotions.

This is a path of direct grace and interactions with the Divine. Anyone with the right bhao can reach Thakurjee, only requirement being desire and the initiation by one who is merged with Him; the divine guru or the sadguru.
In this path of grace God has established the most simple of way to reach Him. No gyan is required, no memorizing scriptures; only the bhao and prem for Him.

He is very sad in this complete selfish bhakti of the human today. He has moved away from the original locations and sooner or later may decide to move from Nathdwara itself. Maybe, He would like to go and stay in a live manner with a bhakt who has complete bhakti and purity of bhao for Him.

We might just be lucky to witness live interactions of Shreeji with some chosen devotees; a repeat of the 84 Vaishnavas; 252 Vaishnav vartas may be there for some lucky souls in today’s world.

Why are all not able to receive Blessings

God as energy is all around us; or as a particular Form, in a mandir. As He stands there; He does the karm of radiating blessings for all, without any differences. Why are all not able to receive?
Maybe because some are already so full of various thoughts and ways; there is no place left for that blessing to enter.
To be able to receive all in total; our karm (duty) is to first empty our mind, body and soul of all accumulated negativities from the outer dimensions. In this emptiness, when we enter the deeper levels, Shreeji’s grace automatically begins to flow. It enters us to some extent. The next step from here would be to be able to digest this shakti, blessings (powers) and make it permanent; which would mean not to lose it in the outer chaos we call our regular lives.
The storage I talk about is for the direct link with Him; in which all time and energy and processes are spent only for the attainment of God Himself with total surrender. All blessings are stored on the inner side, which helps in the movement towards higher purity and ultimately towards Thakurjee Himself.
The goal of worship here is only for the closeness and oneness with the Ultimate. In this, whatever is on the outer life, is accepted totally as a prasad from Him and lived in total; all actions are offered at His feet. One’s life becomes a nimit (mediator) for the use of Thakurjee Himself.
All prayers are only to thank Him and a request for greater understanding and bhao and the strength to be able to stay on the maarg (path) of truth.
As this storage of blessings and shakti is accumulated, it helps in moving deeper, towards higher purity.
To be able to do it all in the right manner, in the shortest possible period would require the guidance of a master, a divine guru, who will firstly; show you the right meaning of this life, then the way to maintain balance in the inner and the outer; and further, not let you lose the kripa you have received; from him as a guru and from the Grace of ShreeNathji.
On the outer; life is lived in the best possible way in whatever situations one has been placed by destiny.

Purity of actions - No calculations or greed in bhakti

Always feel gratitude for all that has been given to you. Value it and share it with some who may need it and do not have it. Giving of anything – feelings or gifts in kind should be an act complete in itself. The moment you begin to expect anything in return, the purity of the action is lost and karmically nothing is gained. This holds directly to God also. We give Him a lot in terms of maybe chadava (offerings), mantra jap (chantings), havans (fire offerings), vrat (fasting), sewa (ritualistic worship), daan (charity), teerth (pilgrimage) etc…What do we hold in our thoughts and hearts as we perform this karma? Is not there always a continuous counting and calculation going on in our mind?

I did this – I will get that
I offered so much – I will receive so much back
I did puja, pilgrimage – my punya has increased – my next birth will be better
I did daan, dharm (religious charity) – I have cancelled my paap or negative karma, so I become purer
I did some parikrama – I collect xyz points in my list of punya
I will now escape hell and reach heaven

Till this calculation of adding punya does not go away; one will not be purified enough to get closer to God. Of course, the punya karta’s position will be better then the rest of the humans who do not indulge in this sewa also. But it will hardly provide any closeness to God; your intentions get you the results; God stays away till the time you begin to offer your actions and the fruit of these actions; totally at His lotus feet.
Despite God standing there, over flowing with His Divine Love and Bliss He is helpless. We as humans are not able to follow the Holy Gita in the right manner towards the path of unmotivated karmas – actions. Our greed from the outer dimensions is never satisfied and we keep on moving in circles on the outer zero – cheating ourselves in this process.

As soon as our gifts – in any form are only with bhao for Thakurjee the initial connection with Him gets established. Purity levels increase as you surrender all in His name and bhao. That is true religion and dharma.
To work for Thakurjee
To give Him joy.
To offer ourselves totally in His service.
To become the mediator for Him to enable Him to enter the outer dimensions and spread around.

This I see and experience in my gurushree – Sudhir bhai; I try to learn this and follow it totally. With his blessings and Thakurjee’s krupa I have been able to keep myself open to the purity of His Divine Love and Bliss; offer myself in total in Mind, Body, Soul, actions, and thoughts at His lotus feet.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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