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The several rooms which cater to the smooth running of all sewas –

Abhushan Grah
This is Shreeji Baba’s jewellery Kaksh where His all types of abhushan (ornaments) are stored. Karigars also sit here working on various jewellery pieces.

Kharch Bhandar
After entering the Lal Darwaza, on the left is the Kharch Bhandar. All various food ingredients are stored here. Before the Nij mandir was completed, Shreeji was Virajman (established) here. The oil well is also here.

Shree Krishn Bhandar
This vibhag is right opposite ShreeNavneetPriya’s mandir. The entire temple’s earning and expenditure is accounted from here. All valuable gold, silver Kinariyan, clothes, jewels, Mani manikya are also stored here. The Prasad of Tulsi Kanthi and Shreeji’s black thread is received from here. The gold and silver chakki used to grind kesar and kasturi for daily sewa of Shreeji is here.

Samadhan Vibhag
Vaishnav’s can contribute here for any Manoraths, donations for sewa. This means an offering for the Bhog or Vastra Sewa of Shreeji and NavneetPriyaji. A Darshan pass, Prasad and Uparna is also given from here. Gomata thuli from the mandir is also booked from here.

Khasa Bhandar
This is close to the Samadhani in the Anar Chowk. All the samagri used for bhog are cleaned here. Close to this is the Khand Bhandar.

Prasadi Bhandar
This is opposite the khasa bhandar. Shreeji’s total MahaPrasad is collected here. Sewaks distribute it from here.

Shaak Grah
Situated in the Aarti galli; all vegetables are collected here.

Dugdh Grah
This place is situated over the Anar Chowk on the terrace. Milk sweets and products are prepared here.

Tambul Grah - Paan Grah
This is opposite the dugdh grah. Designer beedas of mouth freshners are made here for Shreeji’s sewa.

Golucks are placed at various points where devotees can deposit their bhent, gold, silver in sewa of Shreeji.

Phool Grah
Located between the paan ghar and the dugdh ghar. Fragrant and the best flowers are used in the sewa of Malas for Shreeji. Each Darshan has a new Mala. 4-5 Malas are made for each Darshan, from which none know which one will adorn Shreeji.

Mishree Ghar
Stairs from the dugdh ghar take you here. Mishree is non refined sugar used in the making of many sweets for Shreeji.
Peda Ghar
From dugdh ghar towards Anar chowk, in the centre is peda ghar. Vaishavas keep these pedas which are from Shreeji’s Charanodak and use them during their pujas.

Pattal Grah (Dry leaf plates)
This is located ahead of the shaak grah. All ingredients for Shreeji’s bhog are bought here. Yamunaji jal is also stored here. Gold and Rajat Patti are also kept here.

Gulab Ghar
Rose water and rose Attar (concentrated fragrance in oil) is made here. Food for Annakut is also made here.

Vastra Grah
Storage of Clothes made for Sewa.

Darzi Grah
New clothes for Shreeji and NavneetPriyaji are stitched here. A team of tailors continuously stitch new clothes. Clothes are never repeated in sewa.

Kharas Grah
This is between Dhauli Paatiya and Pritam Chowk. All cereal ingredients are ground here in a Chakki.

Paakshala, Rasoi Ghar
This is situated ahead of Pritam Pole. Paatal, leaf plates are made here. All material for distribution of Prasad is made here.

Vidhya Vibhag; Govind Pustakalya
This is the library and the publication office. All literature is printed from here. One can find a collection of Pushti maarg literature from here. Annual tippani and Panchang are published from here.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama
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