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ShreeNathji’s Haveli is like a town ship in Itself. It is very important that all sewa run smoothly and accurately. Till today all traditional rules are followed perfectly; nothing can be changed. Most  important rule that has to be followed by sewaks is the shuddhi - purity levels at all times, in samagri and sewa.

According to the tradition the Tilkayats are the generations from the Vallabh Kul (family) only. To be able to run the functions of the mandir smoothly, the present Goswami has organized a Vaishnav samiti.
The Rajasthan government has formed a mandir sanchalan board. The government addhayakash has announced that it wants to maintain the old traditions and maanyataas (beliefs). Also wants to maintain the maaryada perfectly.

The government control board has accepted the initial ways of working in the mandir, with some changes. Every department has a manager who is the head of running that particular function. Under him there are several sewaks who have to follow his instructions. In all works and in all matters of decision making the Tilkayat has the final say.
The mandir trust looks after the crores of rupees in Shreeji’s treasury.
Non moving wealth are 826 shops and houses; 13448 bhiga land in the form of farming land and gaushalas. (Information taken from a booklet on Nathdwaraji written by Shri Ashutosh Prasad Shukla; page 35)
To be able to maimtain the grandeur and richness of the mandir there are many sources of income. All the bhent from the various baithaks come here. There are also ShreeNathji bhandar in various states from where donations come here.
It is Shreeji Baba’s mahima (grandeur) and power that there is never any shortage. It is considered as one of the richest mandirs of India.

The various titles of sewaks working for Shreeji -
  Pramukh mukhiyaj   Gwalji   Ustaji
  Adhikariji   Samadhani   Rasoi daroga
  Prasadi bhandari   Balbhogiyaji   Rasoi ka polia
  Prasadi bhandar daroga   Rasoiya   Hela wala
  Khasa bhandari   Jhatpatiya   Gehanaghar ka daroga
  Khand gharia   Chadidarji   Parachana mukhiya
  Shaak gharia   Kirtaniya   Gulabjal mukhiya
  Paan gharia   Kuber ka polia  

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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