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Shri Gusainji and ShreeNathji were very close. Shreeji was very very attached to him. There are some vartas which reveal this bond of love that Shreeji had for Gusainji.

..Some lines from the seventh Akhyan – By Gopaldas; (translated by Shri Shyamdas)

(Shri Gokulnathji in the 252 Vaishnav Vartas has mentioned that Gopaldas was the famous poet bhakt, Narsi Mehta in his past birth. In that incarnation he troubled Krishn with so many requests that in this birth as Gopaldas, he was born mute. With Gusainji’s kripa he became absolutely purified and the first words out of his mouth were the famous composition called Vallabhakhyan. In this Vyakhan, Gopaldas talks about Shri Vitthalnathji’s sewa of ShreeNathji, when he travels from Gokul (his home) to Govardhan, Shreeji’s Home.

1 - Shri Vitthalnathji greatly enhanced the ‘sewa’ of ShreeNathji. Under his leadership ShreeNathji’s worship rose to a highly refined aesthetic level, where classical music, flower arts, paintings, and very sophisticated ornamentation were all offered to ShreeNathji. The arts and modes of worship that he introduced are yet followed in the Haveli.

8 – Shri Vitthalnathji’s main family home was in Gokul, but every day he would ride his swift, white Arabian horse, given to him by Emperor Akbar, one of his greatest admirers, to the Govardhan hill twenty miles away. There he would make ShreeNathji’s sewa.

9 – Shri Vitthalji goes with a bag full of flowers, and new cloths for garments. He carries various ornaments for ShreeNathji’s body.  Leaving Gokul he proceeds to ShreeNathji’s temple at the speed of wind like a great ship crossing the ocean.

11 – Govinda Swami, the Asht Chap poet and disciple of Gusainji, has also described the amazing relationship with ShreeNathji:

“Love like that, I have never seen.

The son of Yashoda is like the son of Vallabh.

Shesh’s thousands tongues cannot recall His glories.

When Shri Vitthalnathji is going to Gokul,

He asks ShreeNathji’s permission.

The Blessed Lord then goes to His temple window

Just to watch him leave”.

In the eighth Akhyan, 20 – it is mentioned that Shree Navneet Priyaji, a form of Child Krishn, was Shri Vitthalnathji’s personal Krishn Deity in Gokul. Today Navneet Priyaji resides in Shri Nathdwara.

One day Shri Gusainji decided to take sanyas and become a renunciate. His child Krishn, Shree Navanita Priyaji, knowing of Shri Gusainji’s intentions, informed him that He was also taking sanyas and dyed all of His own clothes saffron, the color of a renunciate. At that moment, Shri Gusainji renounced the idea of taking sanyas. In the Path of Grace, renunciation is developed by loving Krishn and by always remaining before Him.

Shri Gusainji fulfilled the wishes not only of his disciples, but of ShreeNathji as well. His aesthetic sensibilities were rich with devotion and filled the Path of Grace with Shree Krishna’s presence. During these times, Shree Krishn spoke and played directly with Shri Gusainji and his disciples.

Once Vitthalnathji was on his way to Dwarka and decied to halt at Mewar. The ruler then was Rana Uday Singh who offered him many gifts. Shri Gusainji in return gave the Rana blessings in the form of Vastra, worn by ShreeNathji.

The Royal Queens and Princeses also came to pay respects to Gusainji.

Among them was Ajab Kunwari also, who wanted to be initiated into Pushtimarg with the Brahm Sambandh given by Gusainji. When leaving from there Shri Vitthalnathji promised Ajba Kunwari that ShreeNathji will come regularly to play with her at her palace. He had to make this promise as Ajab became very unhappy at the thought of Gusainji leaving. It was then that Shreeji committed to Ajab Kunwari that He will come and reside in Mewar later. “I cannot leave Govardhan till Gusainji is there; once he leaves this earth leela I will come and stay here at Mewar”.”
My Haveli will be built where your palace is, I will stay here till the time Shri Gusainji is reborn and takes me back to Govardhan”.

ShreeNathji’s Haveli at Nathdwara stands today at the site of Ajab Kunwari’s Palace.

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