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Shreenathji with Gaumata
Young Shreeji with His gaumata
Peacock Feather Mor Pankh
"Mor Pankh"

How the darshans are done is important – only going to a temple or on any jatra (pilgrimage) will not in any way improve the purity or bhao. If one is lucky enough and the proximity of a Sadhya is there; then on an auto level, the total meaning and magnetic field of the darshans change. So on a different level, at times, who the darshans are done with is also important.

Total bhao and purity are required when visiting your Diety. The total focus and mind have to be directed on the darshans. The other activities that form our routine have to take a back seat. Maintenance of purity in mind, body, soul, bhao has to be given importance if tangible effects are required. Concentration should be on satsang and meditations – so that mind can be silenced and one can be totally present when darshans open.

When Shreeji Himself is present before you standing to give you darshans, should we not concentrate totally on Him, instead of the usual distractions present around? Even the chanting and prayers can be done later, once you are out of the main hall. In that moment standing before Him, be totally in the Moment, in the Now. Gaze upon Him and feel the attractions, the total beauty of Thakurjee. Yet, as my gurushree says, we cannot gaze at His face directly all the time. Look and feel all the ornamentations, the decorations, and then, slowly at the, Beautiful Lotus face. Rest there, for a while only and shift eyes, as He may get uncomfortable. No shram can be given to Shreeji. Don’t get distracted with the non understanding people who keep fighting for space or hitting on your head. It does get crowded in the hall, so as soon as we finish darshans, gurushree immediately tells me to bow down and leave – other people should also get a chance. This is called bhao and compassion for all who have come from a long way off.

When ever I have been at Nathdwara with gurushree, darshans take on a totally different meaning. He insists to reach the mandir before time; i.e be present and wait before darshan opens. During the morning three darshans we normally wait within the premises, as once out, of the mandir showering is required to come back before Shreeji. At times we sit in the kirtan gully, other times on the Dhajaji.

The Mangala darshans are at times interesting when with gurushree. As all who have gone to Nathdwara with him have experienced the shifting of the time when the mangala opens.
(For details read ZERO 2 DOT- Chapter 10, Page 63)

When going to sleep the night before all were aware of a certain time for Mangala, which changes mysteriously during the few hours at night, and all amazingly are woken up early.
(I have been a witness to this happening).
Thakurjee loves to play with His bhakt’s and plays thus only every time Gurushree Sudhir bhai is present.
When the highest purity is kept, it benefits us, when we can understand how much purity is required in the seva of Shreeji, as His energy is of the highest, hence requires the maximum purity to stay at any place (one of the reasons He has stopped inter acting with bhakts).

Shreeji is present in totality at the time of darshans, so all His blessings are there to be spread – but who is able to receive them?
Not too many. God stands there to give; only lack we experience is in the purity within ourselves. He spreads His power every where; it is sad very few are able to accept it in totality. We all believe how Shreeji lives here in total, it is His Haveli; yet at times we do not keep the required faith and miss out the good effects we could have carried back in our daily lives.

This physical structure which we call the body is the temple for the atma (soul) and the point which is our truth, which merges with the Divine. High commitment, determination, discipline are necessary to be able to maintain the required shuddhi (purity) in receiving the blessings. Also important is the Ras, without which it is very difficult to follow till the very end; and true connections established.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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