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- This is the old Haveli where Shreeji lived for 10 years. -

ShreeNathji settled in Nathdwara and all were happy with  the area  and surrounding.

But soon there was a problem created by the Scindia army. They wanted 3 lakh mudras or else threatened to loot the Haveli. As soon as the Maharana of Udaipur heard this he immediately made arrangements to move Shreeji to Udaipur for safety. Shreeji stayed in the Udaipur Haveli for nearly 10 months till His new Haveli was built at a place called Ghasiyar. This scenic place is situated in the Gokunda Mountains.
As Shreeji should not feel upset with the whole arrangement an exact replica of His Haveli in Nathdwara was erected. His Paat Utsav was celebrated here. Sewa similar to the Haveli at Nathdwara was also established soon.

There is a very interesting story behind this moving out from Ghasiyar back to Nathdwara.
Shri Gusainji-son of Mahaprabhuji had 7 sons. One of them, Girdhariji came here with ShreeNathji for continuation of sewa and later traveled back with Him to Nathdwara. He was in charge of looking after the needs of Shreeji. As they built the Ghasiyar Haveli and settled with Shreeji, the followers and sewaks; all had accompanied Him from Jatipura in Mathura - the original Appearance place of Shreeji; situated in the divine Braj bhumi.
Girdhariji faced problems. He found that all children born here did not survive. It had been established that apart from the lineage of Mahaprabhuji none could perform sewa for Shreeji. It was discovered that the environment and water was bad, and would not let any further generations survive.
In great distress Girdhariji went and prostrated before Shreeji – telling Him of the misfortune; “There will be no one left to do Your sewa, we have to move back from here”. As Girdhariji bowed down, Shreeji spread His feet side ways, outwardly, putting His right hand on his head as blessings and approval. (These are the darshans maintained here in the form of a pichwai showing Shreeji’s lotus feet turned sideways).
With Shreeji’s approval and blessings, they all moved back.
After Shreeji shifted back from here, His Haveli has been left intact, with the sewa continuing in a similar manner. No village has been built around here. The management is with the Nathdwara board. The place is nearly always empty. Three people manage it on a regular basis: the main mukhiyaji-Abgirdhar, munim and a watchman. As we spoke to the mukhiyaji he told us that about 15-20 bhakts came in for darshans daily; as people are not aware that such a place exists.

Though there is a gaushala very few cows stay on a regular basis. During Annakut about 500 cows come here from Nathdwara which then return. Also when there is shortage of green grass around the Nathdwara gaushala, some cows are temporarily shifted here.

Gurushree Sudhir bhai and I came here to study the details. We took pictures from outside, as similar to the Nathdwara Haveli no photography is allowed in the mandir premises. We stayed on for nearly 3-4 hours, enjoying the serenity and sacredness of the whole area. We managed to do darshans of Guval and Rajbhog.
A day earlier to our planned visit; during the Sanmukh Darshans, Gurushree Sudhir bhai mentioned to Shreeji about our visit to Ghasiyar. Shreeji replied to gurushree that He was very happy about our plan to visit his Ghasiyar Haveli.
On the day we were to visit I asked Shreeji about this place in the morning at 4.00 am, when waiting for the Mangala to open at Nathdwara.
When waiting out for the morning darshans to open I also tried talking from inside, telling Him about our visit to Ghasiyar later that day; as I was very excited about this place. “Of course I remember it. Veh mera purana ghar hai. Main vahan kabhi kabhi jaata hun. (That is my old home. I visit there sometimes).
It felt to me as if I was a part of Him and going to visit His old Home was as nostalgic for me, felt as if I belonged here in all the happenings and can at times feel this very very deep connection with Shreeji. Many times when I feel this extreme devotion, something connects me to Shreeji’s Voice and Presence. In this highly pure state I feel as if He actually listens and replies and talks to me.

Once there at Ghasiyar later in the day, He was very happy. I could again feel His Vibrational Presence, talking to me from inside; telling me how happy Shreeji is to be here and how He moves around the entire area enjoying Himself tremendously. He told me He would also be present inside today when both the darshans opened. Later, once we finished talking to the few sewaks here, we came and sat out in shade within the parisar (courtyard) of the Haveli taking some pictures from the outer areas.

Again felt Shreeji around us and complaining like a small child, “Yahan bahut gaarmi hai, lekin koi baat nahin.” “Main bahut khush hoon ki tum logon ne yaad kara, yahan aur koi aata hi naahi hai”. (It is very hot here, but I am very happy that you both remember this place, anyone hardly visits this place).

We received Prasad of ‘Khopra pak’ today; which was extremely sweet and tasty. I tried telling Shreeji how extra sweet and tasty the Prasad was. “Of course, it will be”, Shreeji again said, “Main to bahut meetha khata hun”. (I like eating extra sweet offerings).
Later mentioned to gurushree Sudhir bhai about this anubhuti (experience). At that moment he silenced me, saying “Yes, I know; you are very lucky. Hardly anyone would be able to experience all the Divine closeness with Shreeji”.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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