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Shreenathji Haveli(Shrinathji Temple)
Entrance to Shreeji´s Haveli
Shrinathji Haveli(Shreenathji Temple)
Entrance to the Haveli

The Haveli of Shreeji is a Palace where He lives in His Full Form. It is His Home, and all the sewaks and the true bhakts know that many with the right bhao have experienced this Divine Presence. Unlike the other several mandirs scattered all over the world; this place is very sacred, as till today the entire routine since sevaral years has been followed perfectly. Shreeji’s Presence is total so all acknowledge His living Presence as Himself in this Haveli. It is not an ordinary mandir or place of worship. God Himself lives here in the most alive form. The most important ingredient required for Shreeji’s sewa, is bhao (total devotion) and shuddhi (purity); or else one can just tick the darshans as a visit to one more holy dham, without any reality being experienced.

The approach to the Haveli is through a narrow lane which has two gates; the initial one is shut at night but open the entire day; it opens into an open small square called a chowk. When we come here very early in the mornings at times around 4 am, the first gate, called Lal Darwaza is just a little open and we have to climb through the small gateway for access to the chowk. Once inside we sit before the main gate of the Haveli. The mornings are very silent and peaceful, just the couple of guards at the entrance. The entire town is asleep; which in an hour will become the most crowded place, all gathered for a darshan of their favorite “Thakurjee”. I am transported back in time enjoying these special moments in the company of my Shreeji and my gurushree.

Slowly the first people begin to enter, the Mukhiyaji, also the musician who plays the Vina to awaken Shreeji.
We watch all the early activities which normally none are a witness to; as for this special experience one has to be there at least 45 minutes before Mangala Darshans are announced. The Prabhat pheri then come and wait for the awakening call; they are a group of residents who do kirtan every morning, going from the Haveli through all lanes around the small town. It is meant to be an announcement for all to hurry for Mangala darshans; Shreeji is awake. Soon some early devotees gather as also the people who open their stalls for selling flowers or milk or some other samagri (worship material) to be offered in Shreeji’s sewa.

The main entrance to the Haveli mandir is guarded by Shreeji’s security people. The gates are normally open from Mangala darshan till Rajbhog darshan; after which is Shreeji’s rest time; so they are shut till the Utthapan darshan which is when Shreeji is awake and ready to grant His Presence for the next 4 darshans.
A very strict check is followed for cameras and phones; which have to be deposited at a manned counter. Photography is totally not allowed once inside the main gate – as it is believed that where ever there is live Presence of God Himself one cannot photograph without the divine permissions. As Shreeji is free to move all over in His Haveli no one knows where He might be at any particular moment.
Once inside, the magic catches everyone. Hundred’s and thousand’s of devotees, yatris rush all over in a bid to be in the front queue so as not to miss the first glimpse of Shreeji when He gives darshans. As many sewaks are seen, performing their various jobs. There is heavy hustle bustle and it feels like a miniature township within the Haveli.

There are various rooms, all used for different activities. Immediately as we enter the main gate, on the right is the vastra vibhag. Here there is a team of darzis (tailors) who stitch Shreeji’s clothes. Shreeji adorns new paushak (clothes) everyday, so there is continuous activity here.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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