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Shreenathji and Valabhacharya at Govardhan
Shreeji with Shri Vallabhacharya
at Govardhan
Shri Vallabhacharya
Shri Gusainji

After Shri Vallabhacharya, his son Shri Gusainji did sewa for Shreeji. During the period of Shri Gusainji’s sewa Shreeji interacted with all His Bhakts personally giving them every divine bliss here on this earth. He behaved as a small child and had a habit of asking for whatever He wanted from His bhakt. He loved to play games with His Gwals and many times demanded and ate food from His bhakts. Shri Gusainji had to virtually look after Shreeji as a small child. He took care of all His needs. During this divine period, Thakurjee Shree KrishnRadha filled the life of His bhakts with Joy and Bliss. He appeared as a helpless innocent child and filled the hearts and souls with the sweetness of His Leela and Plays. This blissful lila was there for some lucky divine souls. They were searched for and then initiated into Krishn sewa. Both Shri Vallabhacharya and Shri Gusainji collected these divine souls and connected them with Shreeji. Both were like His human counterparts come to do some specific works for the Lord. They acted as the intermediate between God and the human soul. They were called as the Divine Guru.

Once when Shri Gusainji was on his way to Dwarka, he saw a lovely spot in Mevar, Rajasthan called Sinhad. He mentioned this to Harivamshaji that in future ShreeNathji will come reside here. As long as Shri Gusainji was alive Shreeji will stay only in Govardhan hill. This shows how all was planned by Shreeji Himself; when He would leave Braj and move to Mewar. The outer circumstances are there only as an excuse.

Shri Gusainji stayed there for 2 days. King Uday Singh came for his darshans with gifts. Later his queen came who was the daughter of Princess Mira Bai. This queen’s daughter-in-law was Ajaba Kunwari. She also came and took initiation from Shri Gusainji. When he had to move on to Dwarka Ajaba got very upset. Shri Gusainji then explained to her, “Though I can not stay here, Shreeji Himself would come here and give you Darshans.”

After this promise Shreeji came daily from Govardhan to Mewar to meet Ajaba. After playing Chopad (a ludo like board game) with her He would return to His Govardhan hill. Realizing how troublesome it must be for Thakurjee to travel back and forth, Ajaba made a request to Shreeji, “Please come and live in Mevar, so that I can always have your darshans”. At that time Shreeji refused. He told her “As long as Shri Gusainji is there on earth I will not leave Govardhan, but after he leaves for Golok, I will come here and stay for many years. Then only when Shri Gusainji appears again in his lineage I will return back to Govardhan hill in Vrindavan Dham and play there for many years”.

Many years later Shreeji remembered the promise given to Ajaba that He would move to Mevar. At the same time Shreeji knew, the lineage holders of Shri Vallabhacharya would not agree to let Him shift unless they were forced by some evil to move from here.
So according to His divine plan, He inspired a Moghul king to make Him leave Govardhan and also made the leela so that His own mandir will become secret.
That is how God works in unknowing ways. To the world it is not visible none understood why some happenings take place in an instant. It can only be through Thakurjee’s leela. Like anyone can always argue that Thakurjee is so powerful, why could He not prevent the Moghuls from causing so much damage? What at times we do not realize that it is only with His wish that so many incident take place. They are not understood by us because God wishes to keep them secret. Here Shreeji had to move away to Mevar for the fulfillment of His commitment to His dear bhakt Ajaba; so He created the exact circumstances for His caretakers to be forced into moving Him.

So as the Mughal menace was increasing it was thought necessary to shift Shreeji also to a safer place. The invaders destroyed the Idols looting the Hindu mandirs. In that period Shri Govindaji was in charge of taking care of Shreeji. His older brother Shri Girdhariji had already entered in the eternal lila. Shreeji told Shri Girdhariji about the worries of Shri Govindaji. So Shri Girdhariji appeared to Shri Govindaji and explained the wish of ShreeNathji Himself to move from here to Mevar. He had to fulfill the desire of all His bhakts. “It is ShreeNathji’s wish to Play in a hidden way at Govardhan. He has to go to fulfill the wishes of His bhakts. So ready His Rath, and tomorrow after sunset start the journey with ShreeNathji. Do whatever He commands and go where He wishes to go. Shivaji will go ahead with a torch and lead the way. The first night you will stay at Agra, from here you should have the next camp prepared in advance so that when ShreeNathji reaches there, all is perfectly ready for Him. ShreeNathji will convey His desires to His bhakt Ganga Bai only, so you will ask her what to do”.

The next day, ShreeNathji was offered His Rajbhog earlier, and His Rath made ready for His travel by the Dandvati Shila. The three brothers, Govindaji, Shri Bal Krishanji, Shri Vallabhji, gathered with the Brajwasis and bhakts requesting ShreeNathji to proceed, but Shreeji would not move. So they asked some Brajwasis to come and tease ShreeNathji. When they did, as ShreeNathji had said earlier to Shri Girdhariji, He laughed and like a little child got in His Rath ready for the travel.
The journey, as desired by Thakurjee, to Mevar began in Vikram Samvat 1725 (1669 AD) on Asadh Sud Poonam on Friday, during the last 3 hours of the night. ShreeNathji with all His sewaks arrived in Sinhad (Nathdwara) in Vikram Samvat 1728 (1672 AD) on Falgun Vad Satam on Saturday.
Then, later in the vartas it comes that Shreeji’s Rath stopped exactly at the spot where Shri Gusainji had predicted several years back. It was the area where princess Ajaba Kunwari’s Haveli stood earlier; that became his final destination from Braj – Girirajji.

Later by the time Shreenathji decided to shift to Mewar, He had stopped interactions in the direct manner and over later time period moved totally inside as He did not get the required bhao. As we all know God needs highest purity and bhao to be able to interact with His devotee; which unfortunately is missing today.

During this entire journey Shreeji insisted to keep His bhakt, an old lady by the name of Gangabai in the Rath(chariot) behind Him. She became His voice; whenever Shreeji’s Rath stopped they came and asked Gangabai what Shreeji required. When that wish was fulfilled the Rath would move again. The large procession consisted of all His Brajwasi friends and several sewaks. These Brajwasis till today stay in Nathdwara and serve ShreeNathji, though generations have passed.

The Journey :

They reached Agra in one night; Shreeji stayed in His mandir here. Shree Navneet Priya (child form of Krishn) was in Gokul at that time. He also, after performing many miracles was finally brought to Agra and since stayed with Shreeji.
After celebrating the Annakut festival in Agra Shreeji wished to go to Dandoti Ghat. On the way He desired to stay at the Chambal River.
Then beyond Dandoti Ghat in the town of Krishnapur, Shreeji decided to stay.
From here He proceeded to Kota- Bundi. In the town of Kota at Krishnsvilas, near a rock marked with a lotus, ShreeNathji stayed for 4 months of the rainy season.

From here He proceeded to Jodhpur; passed through Pushkar on the way. At the Pushkar lake Shreeji’s Rath got stuck; on inquiry through Gangabai, Shreeji said He could smell Lotus. Everyone present then offered Him Lotus which made Him happy.
The next stop was at Kishangarh. ShreeNathji’s Rath was in the nearby town of Ujad. A dense forest of Dhak trees was close by. There was a beautiful lake and a river flowed from a spring on a nearby mountain. ShreeNathji loved this place surrounded by Kesuda flowers and expressed His desire to celebrate the Vasant Utsav (spring season) here. Halt here was for around three months.
Near Jodhpur, three Kos away, was Chapaseni, village, where ShreeNathji expressed His desire to stay. There was a huge Kadamd Khedi here, and it was Chapaseni village where ShreeNathji spent the third Chaturmaas (rainy season of four months).

Since He began travel from Giriraj, ShreeNathji spent three Chaturmaas on the way.
The first Chaturmaas was spent at Krishnpur in Dandoti Ghat, near the Chambal river.
The second Chaturmaas in Krishnbilaas at Kota. (He halted here for four months).
The third Chaturmaas was spent in Chapaseni at Jodhpur. He also celebrated an Annakut here. Halt here was roughly for five months.
The fourth Chaturmaas ShreeNathji was at His mandir in Mewar.
The 2 years, 4 months and 7 days ShreeNathji took to travel from Braj to Mevar, He spent living in His Rath.

Rana Shri RajSinghji was told about ShreeNathji’s plan to live in Mevar. His mother explained to Rana that because of the destruction from the Mleech (Muslims), ShreeNathji had to come here; but you do not need to fear, as taking care of Thakurjee is of prime concern. It has been through the good fortune of Mira Bai and Ajaba Kunwari that Shreeji has decided to come and live here, so every possible sewa should be extended for Him.

So in the year 1671, on Kartik Purnima, ShreeNathji headed for Mewar. Shreeji’s Utthapan, Bhog, Arti, Shayan were done at a small village which had a very deep lake nearby. As the water of this lake was found to be pushkal, this water was used in ShreeNathji sewa for that day. Later suddenly at night all the sewaks heard the goonj (echo) of Jai Jaikar coming from the lake side. As the source of this Jai Jaikar was not visible they all gathered at the lake side and asked,”Who are you who does this Jai Jaikar”? The reply came from the akash maarg (Sky), “We are thousands of ghosts who have been living at this lake since thousands of years because we did not get mukti. Today when ShreeNathji drank water from this lake, a Pushpak Viman (divine celestial plane) came here and said that that all the pischach (ghosts) who live here can assume a divya body and come to Vaikunth with them. Shree Vaikunthnathji said this and has made us all board this celestial plane. When today ShreeNathji accepted water from this lake, He granted mukti to all of us. After having waited for thousands of years for this moment, we are freed today with His kripa, so we do this Jai Jaikar as we depart for Vaikunth”.
Shri Govindaji and all those gathered were surprised on hearing this varta. Right from mid night till praat kaal (sunrise) the jai jai could be heard.

Next day after completing ShreeNathji’s Rajbhog, they started their travel and reached Sinhad (later known as Nathdwara) in 23 days.
Here ShreeNathji’s Rath was stuck in a spot under a Pipar tree. When asked why, Shreeji replied, “My bhakt Ajaba Kunwari lived here; so My mandir should be built here, I will live here for a long time; this place reminds Me of Braj, I like the mountains here”. “There is also the Banas River which represents Yamunaji”. “This is Ajaba Kunwari’s land”, Shreeji said; “I will stay here. Tell all the Gusain Balak to build their baithak here also”.
Shri Govindaji began preparations to get the mandir ready. He ordered Gopaldas Usta, to hire maximum people and make sure that ShreeNathji mandir is ready in the earliest possible time. Work began day and night with hundreds of workers, and in a few months Shreeji’s mandir was ready.

In Vikram Samvat 1728 in Falgun Vad Satam, (1672 AD) Shri Damodar Maharajji (ShriDauji) established ShreeNathji’s Paat in the mandir Haveli. It was all perfectly done with Vastu pratishta and pujan, according to Vedic rites. Slowly all the various rituals and festivals were started again here similar to the Govardhan hill. Since then Shreeji happily began living here at Mewar.
A Gaushala was also built close by for all of Shreeji’s cows.
Shri Dauji Maharaj with a lot of loving care took care of Shreeji, and celebrated all utsav and the Mahautsav; all Shringar was also done by him.

“Though today His Presence may be felt by His close worshippers in His Nathdwara - Haveli, there is no personal meeting anymore; except for a few very, very lucky divine souls whom Shreeji loves.

Vikram Samvat 1466 (1409 AD) – left bhuja appearance
Vikram Samvat 1535 (1478 AD)– appearance of mukharvind
Vikram Samvat 1725 (1669 AD) – began Agra journey
Vikram Samvat 1728 (1672 AD) – arrived in Sinhad - Nathdwara

Vikram Samvat
Vikram Samvat 2068 – 1466 = 602 Vikram Samvatyears total of having appeared
Vikram Samvat 2068 – 1728 = 340 Vikram Samvatyears total in Nathdwara

English Date
2012 – 1409 = 603 years total of having appeared
2012 – 1672 = 340 years total in Nathdwara

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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