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Mukharwind at Jatipura
Mukharwind at Jatipura
Shreeji Mukharwind Darshans
Shreeji Mukharwind Darshans
Full Shringar at Mukharwind
Full Shringar at Mukharwind
Mandir on Govardhan
Mandir on Govardhan
Lalan Swarup
Lalan Swarup
Lalan Swarup

Mukharwind of ShreeNathji
ShreeNathji lives in Braj Dham at Mathura – Jatipura at Anyor village – His Mukharvind Mandir, at GovardhanHill, which is the place of His Pragatya (Appearance).

This Govardhan Shila is also known as the Shringar Sthali – The Mukharwind of the Govardhan; according to the Vallabh Sampraday. Annakut Pujan is held here every year. Hundreds of bhakts visit daily and worship with milk, flowers, Tilak, Vastra.
It is very very Alive with Divine vibrations and energy.
Many bhakts begin their Govardhan Parikrama from this point.
ShreeNathji's original mandir is situated on top of Govardhan. We visited there; there are some
pujaris here who look after the sewa.

This was originally built by the great bhakt Puranmall (Detail about this is there earlier in the story) whom Shreeji had personally given a hokum to. He lived in Agra, but left all and came here to fulfill Shreeji's command.
To the north of His temple lies a pile of stone which marks His Pragatya Sthal on the Govardhan.

After the Sandhya Aarti at His Nathdwara Mandir, ShreeNathji does Shayan here at the Mukharwind for six months every year. (From Dassehra to Vasant Panchmi).
After the Sandhya Aarti at His Nathdwara Mandir, He comes at the Mukharwind Mandir on
Govardhan Hill to give Shayan Darshans.

During this period, His Presence is very Live and can be felt by the receptive bhakts; so once the Shringar (ornamentation) is complete no photography is allowed. Before this photographs can be taken.
Otherwise also, Shreeji loves His original Home, His sthan (Place) of Appearance; so in all possibility He must be spending a lot of His free time here at Vrindavan Dham, which He loves and misses very much.

Shreeji has nearly completed His committed stay at Nathdwara. It was because of a promise made to His beloved bhakt (devotee) Ajaba. Even though Ajaba was not present in her physical form when Shreeji settled in Nathdwara, He insisted on staying at the same location where Ajaba Kunwari’s Haveli stood earlier. (This had been destroyed over a period of time because of the many invasions of various kings in their greed). In her Atma form she must be present here at Nathdwara, all through the years in her sewa for her Beloved Shreeji.

This committed period is now coming to an end. Then Shreeji will be free to move back to His original home Shree Vrindavan Dham. The residents of Braj are lucky as once more they will have the Live Presence of ShreeNathji in their midst; Shreeji, who is the flowing Shakti (power) of Shree
KrishnRadha in today’s time period. Anyone in his search for KrishnRadha are blessed by
KrishnRadha in Their new Form, as ShreeNathji which appeared 529 years ago.

Besides Mukharwind is Shri Gusainji's tulsi kiyara which is made of black granite. Shri Gusainji along with
Govindswami had entered nitya lila; this is made in his memory.
A little ahead is the Dandvati Shila. It is believed to have been six feet tall when ShreeNathji came to Mewar. Due to the shraap given by Pulastya muni to Govardhan, it reduces in size each day.
This Dandvati shila is already in the earth and so the land around it has to be dug so that the darshans are visible.

There is also Mahaprabhuji's tulsi kiyara here. It represents the bhavatmak entrance to his neekunj.
Opposite the Dandvat shila was the mandir of Shree Mathureshji which was known as Girdhar
Niwas. Mathureshji is now in Kota. There is the baithakji of Shri Gusainji here, as whenever he came to do ShreeNathji's sewa, he also did Bhagvad parayan here.
Near Shri Gusainji's baithak is the baithak of Shri Girdhariji, where he did Bhagvad Parayan.
ShreeNathji had ordered him to make the seven swarup of his brothers and make them all sit together for the katha.
There is a big door in front of the Dandvati shila. Near this is Gokulnathji's mandir. Every year when he came for the pujan on Govardhan from Gokul he lived here.
Shree Madanmohanji's mandir is in the backyard of Shri Mahaprabhuji's baithak.
Near is GovardhanNathji's and Shree Chandramaji's mandir also.

ShreeNathji, as He is worshipped has all the Forms within Him.
Shree Krishn is the only Incarnation who promised mankind of Appearing on earth as and when required. Shree Radha then also promised that whenever Krishn appeared on earth in whatever Form; as required by the circumstances, She will always accompany Him.

Krishn’s Bal Swarup – Called as Lalan

In His Lalan Form, He is worshipped by the Pushtimaarg Vaishnawa bhakts. His sewa is performed as of a very young infant all through the 24 hours. It is in this Form that He comes out to play with His devotees. He grants all kinds of unimaginable bliss and maasti in the play that He performs. The interaction is direct and receiver the luckiest divine soul on this earth; who is personally selected by Thakurjee from among the crores of human souls.
Shreeji loves wearing new clothes. In his baby language He at times likes to call His new clothes as “Nayie wah wah”. In a deep state of sleep one day I was lucky to have a vision where He appeared as if showing off to me like a two year old child, “Dekho. aaj maine naiye ‘wah wah’ pahene hai. Mere paas gold ke Foomta bhi hain. Main veh pehanta hun.” (See I have worn new clothes today. I have gold socks also, I only wear that).

ShreeNathji’s Adult Form – Merged Form of KrishnRadha

In this Form He takes the role of the Supreme Shakti. In this Form He is in play only with Radhey, who is His Heart and Soul. For His devotees He becomes a distant Diety; there is no direct play with bhakts as the adult Form. Shree Krishn and Radha are combined within ShreeNathji; who is the most recent Form that KrishnRadha have taken on this earth, to bless us humans.

Around 5000 years ago, Shree Krishn performed His maximum leelas in Braj Dham – which He continued in the Form of ShreeNathji when He appeared in Vikram Samvat 1466 (1409 AD) at Govardhan Parvat. In this Form He honours His Radha with the name “Lalli”.

This is the leela in which Radha tried to test Her Krishn’s devotion to Her; similar to the jealousy of any other female. She with her Divine Powers took on the Form of Her very close sakhi (friend) Lalita and went to Shree Krishn testing on how He would behave with another female companion. Krishn, given who He was, instantly realized what was happening. He decided to go along in this play initiated by His Beloved and most loving RadhaRani. When Radha realized this she felt embarrassed and apologized. But since then Krishn in this leela till today teases Her with the name Lalita – Lalli. It is in a lot of affection that they play thus.

In His Adult Form, ShreeNathji is Two in One. One half is Krishn, The other Radha. The totally merged Energies, Urja’s of KrishnRadha is the Form of Shreeji.
On various festivals and important days Shreeji dresses in Radha Bhao. One can get Darshans of His long hair woven in a Plait; His nose ring, the various types of Vaastra (clothes) He Adornes. In the Mangala, (early morning darshans) His long hair is visible as a knot tied on top of His head, called an Amboda.

Merged Swarup of ShreeNathji
Merged Swarup of ShreeNathji
Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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